Palm Springs Estate Planning Attorney Discusses New California Laws 2015

California has roughly 900 new laws that will go into effect in 2015. Some of the highlights are: Immigrant Driver’s Licenses The DMV will now issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants if they meet every qualification including passing a driving test.
Plastic Bag Ban Grocery stores will stop using single-use plastic bags and stores will be allowed to charge $.10 for paper bags. Residential Care Facilities The state may block admissions to residential care facilities that have been cited for violations. Facilities for the elderly must have at least one (1) carbon monoxide detector installed Residential care facilities have only 10 days to remedy license deficiencies. State Amphibian For the first time, California has an official state amphibian. It is the red-legged frog who was popularized in Mark Twain’s “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” Absentee Voting Absentee ballots mailed on election day will be counted if they arrive within three days. Previously, absentee ballots had to be mailed before election day. You can read about more important new laws in the LA Times here.

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